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Growing Up GREATful

Claire Saeli May

Author, Teacher, Mom

Buffalo, NY

Experience in these fields has made her an expert in children’s character development. 

Parents and teachers,


have the power

In a world where you can raise your children to be anything,

raise them to be GREAT! 

Teach and reinforce good character skills, like kindness, gratitude, and empathy,

while they are young.



Books with lessons in character development and more

The Responsibilitree and Santa’s Fairy Helpers are popular books for children to 10 years of age. The pages are full of engaging rhythmic text and colorful illustrations, both helping the child to hear and see examples of good character in action.



In addition, each book has a corresponding activity that encourages the child to practice and reinforce 

the story’s lesson. 

The Responsibilitree.jpg

A message from Claire

Over 35 years ago, with an MS in education, I began my career as a second-grade teacher, and my role as a mother followed soon after. My experiences as a parent and teacher of children from kindergarten to sixth grade, have taught me so much. 

There is one key lesson that I believe all children need to learn

in order to become happy and successful adults.


The Lesson

To become a person with good character 

a child needs to be taught, through

books, lessons, and demonstrations,

how to be kind,




Once a child sees good character being modeled,

they need to be encouraged to put into action what they have learned. It is then important that their positive actions are recognized, reinforced, and praised.  




My books and complementary materials are interactive learning tools to help parents guide and mold their children

to become quality citizens.

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