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Growing Up GREATful

About the Author 


Claire Saeli May, the author of the rhymed stories, Santa’s Fairy Helpers and

The Responsibilitree, grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY.  She is the youngest

of seven children and spent many evenings playing rhyming games with her mom

and sisters while drying the dishes. “This,” says Claire, “is where my love of rhyming began.” 

From an early age, Claire knew that being a wife, mom and teacher was her future. 

By 1988 she was well on her way, as she was married, teaching, and a new mom

to her son, Eric. She has two other children, Brigit and Alex, and happily lives with

her husband Joe and dog Sasha in the suburbs of Buffalo.  Today she is a 6th

grade teacher in Williamsville, NY.  


Claire earned an undergraduate degree from SUNY at Geneseo, NY, and has a master's degree in education from Buffalo State College.

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