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Growing Up GREATful

With the excitement of Christmas building each week of December, Santa's fairies remind and teach children what to do to prepare themselves for the special day. Red, green, silver, and gold fairies appear each week of December and look for children being kind, helpful, polite, and thoughtful. 



Santa's Fairy Helpers

by Claire Saeli May


Beautiful Nurse on Nov. 3, 2022

The book is a great book for kids.  We all loved it and with Christmas around the corner it's a way to bring more magic in their lives!  Plus, she is so sweet and caring she added a note in the book.

Lynne on Dec 5, 2020   

Super sweet book!!

Mom to two

Reviewed in the United States on November 28, 2020

Wonderful holiday book for kids! Beautifully illustrated tells a sweet home-spun story of doing kind deeds and being good before Christmas because Santa’s fairy helpers are everywhere and watching! Not a one-time read — this is a book kids will want to open many times during the season.

Barbara F. S.

Do you believe in Fairies and the magic of Christmas?

Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2019

It is time to break out the Fairy dust! You MUST have this in your collection! Santa's Fairy Helpers is destined to become a favorite holiday storybook. The first time I read this enchanting story about Santa's Red, Green, Silver and Gold Fairies, I knew I had to share it on Barb's Book Buddies. The text inspires kindness, goodness and the true meaning of the spirit of Christmas. The illustrations are playful and keep the reader engaged and curious as to where the fairies will appear next. I can't wait to see what other charming stories Claire May will be sharing soon!


Fairy Christmas Tree: Kindness Counter

Help your child grow in kindness each Christmas season! The book, Santa's Fairy Helpers, together with this enchanted Kindness Counter are a great way to reinforce a child's kind and thoughtful behavior all of the days leading up to Christmas.

The tree is made up of 24 layers of red, green, silver, and gold. Each time a child does a good deed they pull a layer down to help build the fairy's Christmas tree. Once completed, the fairy tree stands 4 1/2" tall and is 3" wide. The pieces are secured on a 12" cord.

This is NOT a toy and is not advised for children under 3 years of age.

The reader, young and old, will learn powerful lessons in gratitude and compassion in this beautifully written story. Witness the love in one's heart grow from a tiny acorn to the size of a mighty oak tree, while watching your child's kind heart blossom!

The Responsibilitree

by Claire Saeli May



YOU can join the Forest of Responsibilitrees

just by doing a kind deed.  Encourage a friend to do something kind too, and then they can join the forest with you! 


Click below 
to view
the forest

Every book comes with two Responsibilitree cards--one for you and one to give to a friend!

Screenshot 2020-12-13 at 4.59.22 AM.png
Screenshot 2020-12-13 at 5.01.24 AM.png
The Responsibilitree.jpg

Catherine on March 29, 2022
Love this book!  And especially that is was signed by the author!
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